Saturday, August 6, 2016

دکتر عبدی جوادزاده

گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی


Asst. Professor of Criminal Justice/Sociology
Coordinator of Criminal Justice Graduate Program

PhD, Florida International University; MA Florida Atlantic University; BA, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Javadzadeh has taught many subjects in criminal justice and sociology for 15 years in several different universities. His expertise is on social movements, political and sociological theories, international criminology, sociology of terrorism, and Middle East politics. He has done extensive research on Middle Eastern social and political movements and has published a book and articles about American foreign policy in the Middle East and Postmodernism and Terrorism as contemporary social phenomena. He has taught courses in criminal justice and sociology at St. Thomas University since 2002 and is currently the coordinator for the Master’s program in Criminal Justice.


گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی

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