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شنبه 12ژانویه تئوری اجتماعی مارکس-قسمت 2

گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی

شنبه 12 ژانویه


کلاس پنجم

از سری کلاسهای تئوری های کلاسیک جامعه شناسی

تئوری اجتماعی مارکس-قسمت 2

Marxian Social Theory

با عبدی جواد زاده

استاد جامعه شناسی


Marxian Social Theory

Marx and a Critique of Capitalism

How is wealth created: Division of labor x productivity

How is value created: land, private property, labor

Simple commodity exchange:

commodity (C) is exchanged for money(M), money received in exchange for needed commodity (C)
This process begins and ends with commodity

Capitalist exchange paradigm:
Money(M) to produce commodity (C) generates more money (M')===>Money used to generate more Money
This process begins and ends with money
Fundamentals of Capitalism

Surplus Value-Theory of Value

Labor power (capacity of a human to work) as use value and exchange value

Laborers sell their labor power as commodity=labor
Laborers alienate their labor into two parts:
Use value
Exchange value

0 10

(( =====use value=====))

((=====exchange value=====))

4 hours of use value to produce what the worker gets paid
6 hours to produce surplus value

Division of labor
Technology x labor=more wealth (more surplus value)
C+V+S=value (of commodity)
C=constant capital
V=variable capital
S=surplus value

Critique of Marx

Teleology (linear development of history)
Working class as revolutionary
Falling rate of profit
Monopoly capital

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