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شرکت درجلسات

گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی


به منظور حفظ احترام سخنران و شرکت کنندگان در جلسات بحث و گفتگودر گفتمان اجتماعی سیاسی و برگزاری هر چه بهتر این جلسات وبا توجه به تجارب  به دست آمده در طی سالیان متمادی، صمیمانه درخواست می کنیم  به منظور رعایت حقوق انسانی یکدیگر  و جلوگیری از هر گونه برخورد ناشایست با توجه به قوانینی که پالتاک  نیز در مورد شیوه ی اداره ی جلسات عمومی مشخص کرده،  نکات زیر را رعایت فرمایید.

شرکت درجلسات  گفتگو آزاد ولی‌ مشروط به رعایت نکات لازم زیر می‌باشد
استفاده از رنگ قرمز تنها برای ادمین ها  است*
. عدم استفاده از رنگ‌هایی‌ که چشم را  آزار میدهد *
.از برخوردهای شخصی‌ خودداری کنید*
 .توهین های شخصی‌،  قومی و جنسیتی مجاز نیست*
. از تحقیر و توهین شرکت کنندگان خود داری کنید*

 این جلسات با رعایت و بر اساس دستورالعمل های رابرتس و اتیکت پلتاک  درمورد جلسات عمومی اداره میگردد

 جهت اطلاع بیشتر از قوانین پالتاک در مورد جلسات به لینک های زیر مراجعه  


Paltalk Etiquette

Paltalk Code of Conduct 

Roberts rules of Order


Chat room etiquette
(or how to NOT get bounced from a room)
As you travel through the different chat rooms on Paltalk you will soon find that many rooms have their own rules for participation.  These 'rules' may not be part of the Paltalk terms of service, but Paltalk users are free to run their rooms in their own way with their own set of rules.
Many rooms go by a standard set of rules or 'etiquette'.  By following these rules in the rooms that you join you may avoid 'red dots' or embarrassing lectures about 'breaking the room rules' by the admins in the room.
It should be noted that Paltalk does not interfere in the way that people choose to run their own rooms provided that they follow the Paltalk terms of service.
Typing using the color red in your text
Typing in the color 'red' is usually reserved for the use of the admins of the room.  Typing with red text will usually result in a warning from an admin of the room that 'red is for admins only'.  If you continue to type using red text they may even bounce you out of the room. Other colors that users find 'annoying' are light colors like yellow, bright green, or cyan. (yellowbright greencyan)
Typing using CAPS (capital letters)
Typing in all 'CAPS' or capital letters is usually considered 'shouting' in text.  Many users consider it to be rude to 'shout' in text.  Use 'caps' to emphasize words, but try not to type entire sentences in capital letters.
'Flooding' the text chat area
'Spamming' or 'flooding text' by posting repeated messages will probably get you bounced from most rooms.
Posting links
Many rooms prefer that you ask for permission before posting links.  This is not true for all rooms, but many rooms prefer that you only post links that are related to the topic of discussion in the room.  See the previous paragraph about 'spamming' of 'flooding' text.
Raise your hand to show others that you wish to speak
It is usually best to use the 'raise hand' feature to let others know that you would like to speak.  Users are usually invited to speak on the mic by 'raising their hand' then waiting their turn in line.  When you are 'next in line' to speak you can usually 'take the mic' and speak after the person that is in line above you is finished speaking.
Allow the room admins to speak ahead of you
When waiting to speak, if you see that an admin of the room has raised their hand it is usually best to let them have the microphone before you speak.  They may have some important news for the room and will usually invite you to come to the head of the line again when they are finished.
Wait for your turn to speak
It is considered to be highly rude to 'jump the line' and speak before the person directly above you is finished speaking. 'Mic jumping' will usually result in a 'red dot' and a warning from the admins of the room.  Some room admins will even bounce you immediately without warning for this offense.
Don't make personal attacks on others in the room
Personal attacks or negative references to other participants of the room is usually considered to be rude and will probably result in a warning or even a bounce from the room by one of the room admins.  Attack the idea, not the person...
Refrain from using insulting language
Using racial or religious slurs is considered to be rude by most people and is highly discouraged in most rooms.  Show your intelligence without showing your ignorance.
Abide by the rating of the room
If the room is G rated, swearing or using foul language in text or in voice will either get you bounced or 'red dotted' and sternly warned not to do so again by the admins of the room.  If you continuously break this rule and are reported to Paltalk administrators you may even be restricted from entering ALL G rated rooms on the system.  G rated rooms should be safe for people of all ages and this rule is taken very seriously.
Room admins rule over the room
Challenging the authority of a room admin, or trying to tell them how to run their own room is usually NOT a good idea.  Many people who run chat rooms on Paltalk consider their room to be THEIR space or their own home.  Telling someone how to run their own room usually results in a long lecture or a bounce from the room.  The best way to handle this is to create your OWN chat room and run it the way that YOU feel a room should be run.
'Mic hogging'
'Mic hogging' or speaking on the mic for an extended period of time without making a point that is related to the topic of discussion is usually discouraged.  Many rooms have arbitrary time limits that they set to allow everyone the chance to speak.  It is best to try to get to the point and limit your speaking time to two or three minutes, and then allow others to respond.  You are always free to 'raise your hand' to get back in line to speak again.  'Mic hogs' usually get a red dot and a lecture...
Stay on topic
Usually, the participants in a chat room will be involved in a conversation about a certain topic.  If you engage in conversation that is not 'on topic' you may be seen as disrupting the conversation.
'This is not a pick-up room'
People that are interested in dating or meeting new people will usually be in the 'Friends Love & Romance' or 'Adult' categories.  Other categories are usually engaged in other activities and asking questions like 'A/S/L?' are usually not welcome.  Asking these kinds of questions will usually result in the admins of the room telling you that 'this is not a pick-up room', and then directing you to the Friends Love & Romance category.


Paltalk code of conduct

Paltalk code of conduct

This section is more or less a common sense explanation of our terms of service.  These explanations are not to be regarded as a modification to our terms of service, but simply to highlight certain areas regarding your account and why you may be restricted from the Paltalk system.

If you are a paid subscriber you are NOT exempt from these rules!  Subscribing does not grant license to violate our terms of service!
Illegal activity:Paltalk will not tolerate illegal activity.  This includes, but is not limited to the transfer of child pornography, transferring adult material to minor children, promotion of drug usage, promoting violence or terrorism, stalking, or credit card fraud.

Paltalk will provide your user information to any legitimate law enforcement agency if we receive an official request for it.  Please see our terms of service.
Disparaging group titles:Paltalk does not allow group titles that single out specific individuals, groups, organizations, corporations, races, religions etc...  for the purpose of degrading or otherwise disparaging them.

This is a common sense rule and you should have no problem coming up with a legitimate title for your group. If you think your title is bad, it probably is.

Paltalk will not allow it's group list to be used as a weapon to spread hate or slander other users.

We don't care what you talk about in your group, but there is no need to create titles that offend someone when they simply look at our group list.
Constant harassment of other users:You may not harass other users.  If someone chooses to cut off contact with you please just let it go and find new friends on Paltalk.

Repeated unwanted contact, message bombing, stalking, lewd or threatening comments, or the posting or spreading of personal information is forbidden.
Room raiding:Traveling from room to room for the express purpose of disrupting conversations and otherwise destroying chat rooms for your own pleasure is forbidden.
Spreading viruses or trojans:The intentional transfer of malicious files that contain viruses or trojans is forbidden, and it's just plain-old not nice.  If we catch you doing this your ability to send files may be restricted or if you are a repeat offender you may be banned from the system permanently.
Adults in the teen category:We don't care why you are there, you are not suppose to be there!  The category name clearly states 'Teens (13 -17 ONLY) - NO ADULTS'.

Paltalk will not tolerate adults in this area for any reason whatsoever.  This is done to keep child predators away from children if at all possible.

If you are in this category and you are an adult, expect to be restricted from the teen category or possibly permanently banned from our system.
Minors in adult areas:Minors under the age of 18 MUST stay in G rated groups.  If your child is found to be in R or A rated groups you risk having your account being banned.  Paltalk will not tolerate children in adult areas and will promptly remove them if found.

To avoid having your account restricted be sure you never allow your child to log on to Paltalk unless you are sitting with them and guiding them to be sure they stay in G rated groups.

Paltalk provides parental controls, please use them!
Distributing Paltalk hacks:
Paltalk is a free service and relies on advertising revenue as well as the kindness and good will of our subscribers.  Distributing hacks for free video, banner and popup killers, or programs that otherwise deny us revenue will result in you being banned from our service.

You may not reverse engineer or modify any part of our software or its extensions or dll's, or create add-on programs that in any way hook into any part of Paltalk.  This includes video capturing schemes, bots, text scrollers, key loggers, etc...
Conducting business in a room without paying us:
We provide a free environment for anyone to chat on the internet.  If however, you are using Paltalk to conduct business or solicit funds in any way, you are required to purchase a commerce room.

If you have been warned about conducting business without paying, please stop your activities immediately and subscribe to our commerce room program.

Failure to comply will result in the suspension of your ability to create groups or to be an admin in ANY group on  Paltalk!
Posting links to malicious web sites:
This activity has no purpose but to cause harm to innocent users and will not be tolerated.  Paltalk is not a corral of playthings for your amusement, these are people. To purposely cause harm to a person's computer will result in you being banned from our service.
Impersonating Paltalk persons:
You may not create any nickname or use 'text tricks' to impersonate Paltalk volunteers, employees, or representatives.  You may not attempt to deceive users by conducting bogus 'user surveys' or pretending to do account maintenance or upgrades.

Paltalk takes password theft seriously and if you attempt to deceive users for the purpose of obtaining passwords your account will be permanently restricted from our service.
Fraudulent payments:
Using stolen credit cards or credit card numbers is a serious crime. If you subscribe to any of our services using fraudulent information or credit cards, your account will be terminated and you will most likely be contacted by law enforcement. This is NO joke!  Paltalk cooperates with international law enforcement agencies when users break the law.
How to appeal a decision made by an admin:
You should be aware that all Paltalk admins work as a team and communicate regularly.  If you appeal a banning issue we will talk to the person who did the ban and if you deserve your ban it will stay.

Appeals made because of bans for inappropriate contact with minors or illegal activity will be disregarded.

Paltalk users should not attempt to contact office personnel by phone or by email for banning issues!  These calls disrupt normal business operations and are only forwarded to the admins anyway!


گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی

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