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اول دسامبر قشرهای جامعه

گفتمان سیاسی اجتماعی

شنبه اول دسامبر 

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جلسه سوم 

از سری کلاسهای تئوریهای جامعه شناسی

 تئوری طبقه  و قشرهای جامعه

Social Stratification

با عبدی جواد زاده

 استاد جامعه شناسی 

Social Stratification

فایلهای صوتی

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Theories of Social Order: The Hobbesian question: How is social order (stratification) possible?

Thomas Hobbes

John Locke

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Karl Marx

Sigmund Freud

Class, Status, Prestige, Power, Caste

Occupations and Prestige (how prestigious are some occupations?)

Stratification in terms of Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity

Two main approaches to defining stratification:

1. Functionalism: Stratification exists because it is beneficial for society

2. Conflict Theory: Stratification exists because it benefits individuals and groups


who have the power to dominate and exploit others

Who are the poor? Defining poverty


Inequality in United States

Distribution of income

Median Family Net Worth in race and ethnicity





Native American

Global inequality

Income inequality world-wide

Difference among countries: Low, Middle, and High-income countries

Income per capita in Low, Middle, and High-income countries

Can poor countries become rich?

Theories of Global Inequality

Market-Oriented Theory

Dependency Theory

World-Systems Theory

State-Centered Theory

فایلهای صوتی

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